Offering Reliable Security Intelligence

Since 2003, TRV Security has provided various cybersecurity services to small and large companies and organizations across the world. In 2009, we released the MalwareURL service with the aim of providing up-to-date and reliable information relating to malicious domains, URLs and IPs on the Internet.

From its inception, we have provided MalwareURL services to the community in the form of our free URL checker. We also offer commercial services based on our MalwareURL databases and feeds to a multitude of different companies and industries including many anti-virus and security companies, financial institutions and regulators, Internet authorities and law enforcement agencies.

Since 2012, we have Partnered with Leaseweb in Amsterdam for our technical infrastructure. Their services, availability and attention to security have been exemplary. Leaseweb has first class datacenters for all your hosting needs across the world and we highly recommend them.

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