Include MalwareURL Blacklists in your Products and Services

If you are looking to add MalwareURL security within your own security services and products, we have more than a decade's experience doing just that!
Our security databases are trusted by several multinational companies and institutions in the areas of anti-virus, Internet security, financial services and banking, Internet authorities, law enforcement agencies and many others.

We work with you to integrate our databases into your project. If you intend to integrate MalwareURL into your own security protection products or reporting services, we provide free support 7 days a week to help you get up and running and beyond.

Our security databases contain over 10 years of historical security intelligence including all the latest detected threats. The databases include information relating to the following elements:

Malicious domain, URL and IP
Threat category
ASN network identifier
Date added

MalwareURL provides protection against threats including:

Malware including Ransomware
Malicious IPs
Domains awaiting malicious usage

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