The MalwareURL Team

The MalwareURL Team is a group of Internet security experts dedicated to fighting malware, Trojans and a multitude of other web-related threats.

To check a suspicious web site or IP address, simply enter it in our Verify Web Site page.

Our database is built-up using proprietary software and analytic techniques to locate, assess and monitor suspected sources of web criminality.

We provide invaluable and up-to-date information to our customers in multiple delivery formats including CSV and RSS.

Our customers typically include:

Businesses and organizations wishing to improve internal security by importing our URL databases in their Internet proxy devices

Global security companies that use our databases as part of their security services and products

We also provide access to our downloadable database to certain individuals and organizations for non-commercial usage. If this is your case, please sign-up using the Customer Trial Registration below.

Your use of this web site constitutes agreement to our Terms and Conditions.

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