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Protect your network and users from malicious websites and network traffic by installing MalwareURL in your network devices (routers, firewalls, IPS/IDS). Whether you have a small office or an international infrastructure, MalwareURL will protect against a multitude of up-to-date threats. Even if you have security systems in place, adding MalwareURL will provide significant additional security protection

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You can download our blacklists of malicious URLs and IPs for usage in research or for inclusion into your own products and services via our MSP white label agreements.

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Threat Monitoring Portal New!

The Threat Monitoring Portal gives our customers the ability to proactively monitor and react to malicious websites and IPs in their networks by ASN or by country. This makes our Portal a must for Internet service providers, hosting companies, Internet authorities and law enforcement agencies. Get started to see how much malicious activity we have detected in your networks and get an immediate Threat Monitoring Portal price offer

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